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Key Iranian Dissident Riled at Obama's Approach Kenneth R. Timmerman

A key Iranian dissident tells Newsmax he was stunned when he heard President Barack Obama tell reporters that, despite government's brutal crackdown in Tehran, the Islamic Republic has time to regain “legitimacy” in the eyes of the Iranian people.

“I was hoping President Obama would lead the world and start a boycott of Iranian oil,” said former presidential candidate and opposition activist Mohsen Sazegara. “This is the best way to save the lives of the Iranian people.”

Instead, Sazegara told Newsmax, he listened to Obama’s news conference on Tuesday with a sense of disbelief.

It's "not too late for the Iranian government to see there is a peaceful path that leads to legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people,” Obama told reporters when asked for his reaction to the violence in Iran.

Sazegara, who was involved in the reform movement in the 1990s but eventually left Iran after the reformist government jailed him, said he listened to Obama with a sense of “deep, deep, deep regret. I never expected President Obama to say something like that.”

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9:40 pm: Aslan Media is reporting: Mousavi under house arrest.

9:30 The independent reported earlier that Mousavi is under 24 hour guard:

The Iranian opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi is under 24-hour guard by
secret police and no longer able to speak freely to supporters, according to
the film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

n a telephone interview, Mr Makhmalbaf, the director of the 2001 film
Kandaha, denied suggestions that the protests against the re-election of
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were losing steam.

"The regime, arguably, is losing ground, not the protests," he said. "Ordinary
Iranians are openly rejecting the legitimacy and power of Ayatollah
Khamanei. That is entirely new, unheard of."

Mr Makhmalbaf, a friend of Mr Mousavi for 20 years, said that there were
reports from Iran that some of the militia deployed to suppress protest were
"speaking Arabic".
"That is unconfirmed but it suggests that the regime is
unable to trust its own security forces to repress the Iranian people," he
said. "It suggests that people are being used from abroad."

LIVE SHOTS: Los Angeles Channel Leading the Fight

A picture posted on Twitter's photo-sharing website TwitPic on June 23, 2009 allegedly shows Iranian Neda Agha Soltan's grave in Tehran

Neda's grave 

5:14pm: Persian  Kiwi tweets at Twitter:

Wed Sea of Green is 100% confirmed – no cancellation will be made

Mousavi has stated 'If I am arrested or killed – strike until the Gov falls'

Iranian Gov newspaper – has tonight called forthe arrest of Mousavi

all foreign embassys surrounded by militia to stop ppl going in

all hospitals is surrounded by militia to check why ppl going in – if gun or baton injury – they arrest and beat u

The parks in north of city are closed at night and militia attacking any ppl in park or walking in streets

we have report of large street battles in east & west of Tehran now

tomorrow Mousavi annouce start of a new type of protests – peaceful and silent – soon there will be strikes

he only question now is how will the end happen – peacefully or with civil war

the ppl have lost all faith in this Gov – Iran can never be same as b4 again

all normal life in Iran has stopped – now everybody only talk about Sea of Green and rumours of how Khamenei will go

everywhere is road blocks and fires and sometime u hear guns shooting

It is just like living under martial law – u cannot go anywhere without being stoped or beaten by militia

4:45: A bazaar strike! How bazaar, how bazaar!

We will not waste our energy, but act efficiently. We have conveyed our words to the coup-makers to the world in the streets. Now we need to change our strategy.
From this Tuesday, at 9 every morning we will all go to the bazaar in our towns all over the country. If they prevent us, the bazaar will close. If they do not, there will be such congestion that the business will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. If they disconnect the telephone lines, again all activities will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. As much as possible, we will shut down the whole town and go to the bazaar to shut it down.
Take everyone with you. Bring the children, too –without any slogans-without green signs-without sit-ins; pretending to go shopping but not buying anything. We will only think of shutting down the bazaar, but do not leave any traces, not even a victory sign by our hands. NOT AT ALL.
We will only think of victory. Bring the children, all the towns of Iran, without slogans, without slogans, without slogans, quietly, quietly, quietly, without greens, without sit-ins, without fighting. If anyone starts quarrels or shouts, we will not join because we pretend to be going shopping. There is no need to fear, and everyone will come. No fights, no bloodshed, no slogans, no sit-ins. If they prevent us, we simply return because we mean to shut down the bazaar, not to assemble. If they shoot tear gas, the bazaar will close. We will act smartly and will not engage in any sort of fights although if any fighting happens the bazaar will close due to insecurity. But we will not engage in any fights, and calmly and solely think of victory. With the congestion the bazaar will shut down, or no one will be there. Under any circumstances we will win. Dear Mr. Mousavi: We do not need your martyrdom and self-sacrifice; we need your leadership until we reach our goals. Until 9am Tuesday, the 3rd day of the martyrdom of June 20th martyrs, we will have enough time to inform everyone. Inform friends by any means: through websites, foreign media…. From Tuesday towards bazaar. Send this message to friends and the addresses below so that it gets widespread all over our dear Iran. This strategy is effective and there is no need to fear, and will bring millions of Iranians into the scene without any bloodshed. Rest assured this strategy is so effective that the enemy will soon start denying and making rumors, and will start struggling. Do not believe them because this program will continue. Do not listen to rumors and inform everyone by whatever means possible.
Wishing for success

4:50: Check out 'Livestream – persianq (Iran) With Chatroom'

Feed from Iran's "Press TV" on Live Station reveals that the Ayatoilets are using Agent Provacateurs. Phony "confessions" are being posted; with the BBC being accused of inciting rioters. Live Station is free; you have to download safe software.  (hat tip Supercargo)


Here is what Obama called "fundamentally unjust" earlier today. Unjust?

ATLAS observation on P. O's press conference: Obama has failed free peoples around the world. What a dismal performance by an American president. I am embarrassed.

Obama iran

UPDATED LIVEBLOGGING 12:55 pm: Obama speaketh! He says he is 'appalled' by the violence, but he won't take sides.

I've made it clear that the United States respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is not interfering with Iran's affairs.

He won't "meddle" (just in Israel eh, O?). He is trying to cover his  ………. have it both ways.

Now he is talking about leadership in energy. "Clean" energy. Another industry he wants to hijack. How ironic to hear dear leader talk about being the "leader" in the free world while in the same breath he won't meddle in people dying in the streets in Iran for freedom and democracy.

Obama being questioned – he said "Iran is in the middle of "an extraordinary debate". Debate? When did Neda speak? When have any of the peaceful demonstrators been given any opportunity to speak in this "extraordinary debate"?

Obama: It is up to them to make a decision as to whether they choose that path. What we've been saying over the last several days, the last couple of weeks, obviously is not encouraging in terms of the path that this regime may choose to take.

And the fact that they are now in the midst of an extraordinary debate taking place in Iran, you know, may end up coloring how they respond to the international community as a whole.

Reporter: "So should there be consequences for what's happened so far?" [to Iran]

Obama: "The international community is bearing witness." Is that even an answer?

Obama looks for the Huff Po's Nico Pitney (who has done the best Iran blog reporting, IMO) Nico asks a question from Iran. He knew he would be asked, he said so on his blog last night. Nice little coordination going on there.

Nico: "Under which conditions would you accept the election of Ahmadinejad? And if you do accept it without any significant changes in the conditions there, isn't that a betrayal of — of what the demonstrators there are working to achieve?"

MR. OBAMA: Well, look, we didn't have international observers on the ground. We can't say definitively what exactly happened at polling places throughout the country.

We didn't have "international observers" on the ground, so there is no way of knowing what has really happened. Ugh. Now he is mumbling about a "peaceful path".

Major Garrett of FOX asks Obama "What took you so long?" GO MAJOR!

Obama scolds the Major, says "Track what I have been saying". [Uh, we have, O, that's your problem].

Obama insists he has "been consistent". Yes, consistently weak. He has not been consistent. He lies.

"We will not be a foil." "We have been consistent." He is still copping out to Iran not using the US as an excuse. As if ……………  Another non-answer here.

I wish America were watching this performance. Actually, as Klinghoffer points out, he is mighty late. The UN, Britain, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Finland have all preceded him.

Major Garrett asks of the Iranian officials will be welcome at the 4th of July parties held by the State department.

Obama: "That's a choice the Iranians will have to make."

Garrett: "The offer still stands?"

Obama: "That's a choice the Iranians will have to make."

The officials to party, or the Iranian people dying in the street? Which choice, Mr. President?

Obama is asked by a reporter if he was influenced by John McCain and Lindsey Graham to become stronger on Iran.

Obama asks "What'd you think?"

The White House press whores corps break out in hysterical laughter.

Obama: "I am the President of the United States."

It's to vomit from.

1:25: CNN reporter asks Obama if he has seen the Neda video of her dying.

Yes, he said, he has."Heartbreaking" ………. it's far worse than that, O. Far more, far worse.

The nerve of this guy: "Obama advisers are crediting his Cairo speech for inspiring the protesters" in Iran


12:48 pm: From Revolutionary Road;

After 5 days of not being heard of a female student of Azad university of Bandarabbas , now it has been confirmed by security guards that she has been killed.

She was shot and taken away by security guards in front of the entrance of Bandarabbas Azad University on June 18th

To avoid spreading this news and persuading it by Bandarabbas people, her body was buried secretly and without informing her relatives.

Yesterday, monday 1. of Tir (23-06-2009) : Hundreds of familymembers to the young people arrested in the last days of protests are making a stand in front of the Central Courthouse of Tehran.

The families of the arrested young people in front of the Central Courthouse of Tehran in the Moallem Street, demand the unconditional release of their family members.

This proterst is taking place, because the authorities have refused to answer any question about the arrested people.

There are no information about the condition and whereabouts of the arrested young people.
The families are therefor worried for their loved ones.

Hundreds of Sari protesters demonstrated against Islamic regime.
But demonstration was attacked by Police and special guards quickly and some of the protesters were arrested.

12:32 pm: Reports of the crackdown (from the Huff Po):

"We are having difficulty getting updates to u as so many of our contacts been arrested – life here is v/v/dangerous now"

"Getting reliable news has become extremely difficult. Most of my sources have been arrested and I think about the few remaining ones and am very worried."

12:28 pm: Soccer Players banned for life for wearing green.  What balls!

12:24 pm: A new wiki blog to translate from Iran. Bookmark it.

To start translating communications from the Iranian protesters immediately, please click on Khyaban Issue 4, the Combatant Clerics Statement, or the recent statement from Mehdi Karroubi.

Iran beaten woman 

12:01 pm: Obama is taking to the airwaves 12:30 pm for his daily marketing, branding and propaganda mushfest with the White House press whores corps. He will actually be taking questions off the teleprompter — let's hope he takes a non-lemming question. Get your motion sickness bags out.

11:45 am: Britain retaliates and expels Iranian diplomats.

All memorials for Neda have been banned. A man identifying himself as the boyfriend of the 'Angel of Freedom' whose grisly death in Iran's post-election protests was captured on video and posted on YouTube has said that she only wanted democracy and freedom for the people of Iran.

11:40 am: Reza Pahlavi, the former crown prince of Iran, says there are reports some security forces have been joining protesters in the streets of Tehran. Pahlavi’s father was the shah of Iran who was deposed in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. check out the video here – 6:46 pm.

11;28 AM: On Twitter:

 yesterday we saw a 10 years old child die from teargas in his face  – could not film becos militia everywhere

Ahmadinejad and Yazdi preparing a coup (unconfirmed)
Raye Man Kojast blog (where is my vote?)

This video was posted on iReport 12 hours ago. (Raymenakojast is working on more translation) and will be posting more.

Can an Atlas reader translate?

This is a post-election video of Ahmadinejad in a meeting, in the city of Qom, with ultra-conservative Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi. They are basically planning a coup: to take Iran from an Islamic Republic to an Islamic State (i.e.: pure dictatorship, no more elections after him). He says “I can feel the people are spiritually ready for that…”. He also hints on the rigged elections: “now that the job has been achieved with your help…”

PRESIDENT HOPE-N-CHANGE: Not Changing Tone on Iran. White House press secretary says U.S. doesn't want to become 'political football' during bloody Iran crackdown.

I hope the good people of Iran know that Obama only speaks for himself, he does not speak for the American people. What a nightmare.

This is not my country:

I want to know why Iranian youth must pay the price for the bitter political power struggle escalating between two ‘senior revolutionary figures’?

Iranians did not revolt to wake up three-decades later and see everything that they stood up for, every freedom and change they fought for, paid the price for in blood, is no longer.

The hypocrites, who secretly hijacked the popular revolution of Iran and imposed their will on us, have now dropped all pretense and are openly handing us the ‘royal treatment’ still fresh in the minds of countless Iranians.

How can they sleep at night knowing what they know and doing what they do?

We have reached the point of no return. It is no longer the restoration of order when ‘tanks have been brought out’ to combat civilians on the streets.

This is a war zone. This is not my country.

Guardian Council: no poll rerun Protesters demonstrate outside Iranian Embassy: Iran's Guardian Council rules out annulment of election Iran announced it would inaugurate the winner in its disputed presidential election, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a second term by the end of August. 23

Iran tear gas

Riot police attacked hundreds of demonstrators with tear gas and fired live bullets in the air to disperse a rally in central Tehran Monday, carrying out a threat by the country's most powerful security force to crush any further opposition protests over the disputed presidential election.

Al Arabiya's Tehran bureau closed indefinitely.

A special court will be created "to deal with demonstrators" – Iran says courts will teach protesters a lesson.

From Twitter:

“Mousavi and Karroubi supporters have announced they will gather in front of the Majlis in Baharestan on Wednesday at 4pm.”

“It is said that the armed forces have entered the Tehran university carrying a warrant.”

“People of Sanandaj, Saghez and Mahabad joined the public demonstrations by closing the bazaar today.”

“Majlis representatives will meet with Khamenei tomorrow morning regarding recent Iran june situation in the country.”

People – no business in Iran TUESDAY – sorry we are all on STRIKE

Government is warning that anybody who doesn't come to work tomorrow will be immediately fired.

CORRECTION & CONFIRM – National Strike announced by Mousavi for TUESDAY (now it is Tuesday in Iran)

confirmed – FULL NATIONAL STRIKE IN IRAN TOMORROW WEDNESDAY – Sea of Green #Iranelection RT RT RT – Mousavi

It is Confirmed the Video of gunshot was today, Tehran.

Horrible Video of Gunshot at Protesters, (cant conf is today and where in Tehran)

I just heard one of my female colleague in Kalameh Newspaper is disappeared after Hezbollah's attack!

If Adel Ferdowsipour is really arrested, this will inspire anger among soccer fans who are MANY and from ALL classes.

Rumors are that one of the most beloved Iranian celebs, Adel Ferdowsipour has been arrested.Police-scuffle-6-22

Mostafa Ghajar JournalistArrested a few Mins Ago in his home, while his 4 month baby terorized with a couple of Secret Agents

Karoubi – I invite the nation to participate on Thurs in rememberance of those killed by this Gov

Iran june2 Karoubi – I demand release of all political prisoners immediately

Karoubi – the right of the nation to challenge this unfair & corrupt election is the right of all muslims

Karoubi – The actions of this Gov insults all free peoples of the world

Karoubi – The Gov has chosen to respond with oppression and violence

Shahrak Gharb – Tehran – reports of gun shots

sources – clashes NOW in streets in Sharak Gharb (Tehran)

unconfirmed – Gov will shortly start to expel foreign embassy staff & diplomats

clashes in 7 Tir Sq and Valli Asr Ave – street fires & tear gas – shooting heard – many militia

  Street-carnage-6-22 Clashes today confirmed in Jaam Jam and Mellat Park – militia used tear gas – shooting heard

unconfirmed – newspaper editors/journalists refusing to print false Gov stories

Kalame Newspaper attacked by militia and several journalists arrested

Hospital sources – at least 1000 people injured so far by Gov in the streets against Sea of Green

Hospital sources – as many as 47 killed so far by Gov in the streets

unconfirmed – Mousavi & Karoubi will hold remeberance vigil for the martyrs of Sea of Green – Thurs – Shrine of Imam Khomeini

confirmed source – All major cities in Iran now reporting saound of Allah Akbar – Death to the Dictator

Obama's Other Concern: Regime Change in Iran Would Reduce Pressure on Israel to Accept Hamas

Iran Clashes, gunshot and smoke at Azadi Sq & Azadi St…

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