1) Talovic was described as a religious Muslim, attending mosque on Fridays
and praying outside of mosque as well.

2) He wore a necklace with a miniature Koran at the time of the shooting.

3) His body was prepped at a mosque before being sent to Bosnia.

4) He told his “girlfriend” the night before that “tomorrow will be the
happiest day of my life…” (a likely reference to martyrdom).

5) He held prejudicial beliefs against Serbs, homosexuals, and blacks.

6) Police were called to his school in 2004 after Talovic was caught looking
at guns on the internet and making the statement that his “grandfather
was in the jihad

That last one indicates that Bosnians secretly know they were engaged in a
jihad even as they claim victimhood.

In this redacted FBI form, meanwhile, a co-worker said that Talovic would sometimes
do Nazi salutes.

But for some reason, the emphasis in this Salt Lake Tribune article is not on
the fact that Talovic had a history with Islam, hatred and violence (all
mutually-fueling factors), but on the fact that he had a history with the mall
as a hangout:

found Talovic had a history with Trolley Square
(May 16)

When 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic walked into Trolley Square and opened fire
on shoppers, he was returning to a childhood hangout, according to
newly-released FBI documents.

Talovic and his family used to live one block from the mall, and one person
told agents Talovic played there with his sisters as a child.

But in 745
pages of reports, the FBI did not conclude why Talovic committed the Feb. 12,
2007, shooting or uncover any evidence of a wider plot behind

And of course, if there is no wider plot, then let’s block out the
possibility of Sudden Jihad Syndrome as well.

…The FBI wrote that Talovic in 2001 or 2002 “made a statement that he was
going to shoot white people, like Serbs.” The nine people Talovic shot at
Trolley Square were white.

“…white people, like Serbs.” That would be a reference to us, Folks. How many
times do I have to say it? In the Balkans, Serbs were target practice for
Muslims — like Jews are in the Middle East. Practice for the rest of us. And so
we helped the Muslims take aim.

…One of the people later told the FBI Talovic said he liked white supremacist

“I don’t like black people,” Talovic reportedly said. “That’s why I was in
the KKK.”

Another witness said he once saw a wound on Talovic’s arm and asked about it.

“Talovic said he had previously gotten a swastika tattoo and had then removed
it himself, by cutting it off,” according to notes of the witness interview.
Talovic said “he did not know what the swastika meant and stood for when he had
gotten the tattoo.” Talovic’s family told agents he did not have a

One person…told the FBI Talovic said he hated “faggots” and was
smoking opium and crystal meth.

Talovic wore a necklace containing a
miniature Quran during the attacks, documents say, and FBI agents asked many
people about Talovic’s Islamic faith. Family told agents Talovic once attended a
mosque for prayers every Friday but stopped when he left school and began
working. Co-workers did not observe Talovic praying during the day. The FBI
found no evidence his religion was a factor.

Stacy Hanson, a Talovic victim who is confined to a wheelchair as a result,
in an interview Friday said… “It doesn’t change anything, but it’s nice to know
something about this guy because our lives have been changed — every single one
of us.”