Mystery, Clarification and Obfuscation of Obama’s Birth Certificate Forgery


Wikipedia used to have "Obama, Jr." and now has changed to "Obama II" in the wake of
the COLB. (hat tip Larwyn). Over at JOM

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Is there anything in Obama’s books? I notice that the NYT back in 1990 referred to both father and son as simply
"Barack Obama."

An excerpt from a noteworthy 2007 Obama speech:

There was something stirring across the country because of what
happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a
bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I
don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to
Selma, Alabama.

I wonder what news organization was the first to use "Jr." and whether there
is any use of "II," by the press or Obama, prior to the COLB.

There’s been a good deal of back and forth – a lot of the back though didn’t come forth in the comment section of this post:  FORENSIC
EXPERT: "the [birth] certificate is still a horrible forgery"
. If, Obama had his original birth certificate it would look like this (although in his book "Dreams of My Father", Obama wrote: "I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.”)

Mitchell Langbert is getting stonewalled on his FOIA request for a copy of Obama’s COLB from the Public Information Office in Hawaii. Please read it all –  the letters are there. Hawaii knows the documents are fake so why not release the original – who are they protecting? Whose side are they on?

I have previously requested
a copy
of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Janice Okubo, Public Information
Office of the Communications office of the State of Hawaii, responding on July
3, has chosen to refuse to provide a copy of the birth certificate. This blog
consists of three parts. First, I quote Ms. Okubo’s letter, dated July 3, 2008,
verbatim. Her letter responds to my
under the Freedom of Information Act. Although Ms. Okubo points out
that the Freedom of Information applies to the federal government and not the
states, most states, including Hawaii, have similar statutes. With respect to
birth certificates, though, there is a separate section of the Hawaii Revised
Statutes (HRS) that Ms. Okubo cites, HRS § 338-18. The link that Ms. Okubo
provides in her hard copy snail mail letter respecting § 338-18 was dead when I
tried to use it, but I obtained a copy of HRS § 338-18 from the Lexis-Nexis data
base available from New York University’s Bobst library. In addition, I obtained
information on Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act from the State of Hawaii
. In the second part of this blog, I respond to Ms. Okubo by drafting
two letters, one a response to Chiyome Fukino, Director of Health, Ms. Okubo’s
superior, with a copy to Ms. Okubo and Governor Linda Lingle (R-HI), and also a
letter to Barack Obama requesting that he send me a letter authorizing me to
represent him in obtaining a copy of his birth certificate in the interest of
avoiding accusations of political gamesmanship and manipulation. In the third
section I copy the relevant sections from § 338-18 of the Hawaii Revised
Statutes for your reference. I also quote from the State of Hawaii Website about
its "Uniform Information Law" booklet.

It is evident that, Ms. Okubo’s
letter notwithstanding, § 338-18 DOES NOT PROHIBIT the State of Hawaii from
making Mr. Obama’s birth certificate public for three reasons. First, because he
is a presidential candidate the public has a vital interest in Mr. Obama’s birth
certificate. The statute specifically permits divulging birth
certificate information to anyone who has a vital interest in the

Second, the State of Hawaii Department of Health
is granted the authority to fashion its own regulations about providing birth
certificate information, and given the national importance of Mr. Obama’s birth
certificate, the question needs to be asked why the Hawaii Health Department has
fashioned rules that contradict its own public law § 338-18 and its own Open
Records Law.

Third, although the statute includes a list of persons who
are entitled to obtain a copy of the birth certificate, it does not anywhere
indicate that the list is exhaustive or exclusive. If the drafters of § 338-18
had meant the list to be exhaustive and exclusive they could have said so
, but
they did not. Therefore, Ms. Okubo misconstrues the law she claims to enforce.

AJ called out Techdude, expert in the field of forensic digital forgery examination  in a ridiculously titled post: How 9-11 Helped Cause The Obama Birth Certificate Silliness. The thing I don’t understand is why doesn’t AJ wait for this expert’s full report which we have emphatically made clear would be released shortly. But no, AJ digs bottom, keeps digging.

Anyway, things got even crazier as the fringe kept grasping to save their
conspiracy theory from the dustbin of history. When a poster at Kos took the
image of the COLB and doctored it using MacPaint, the junior sleuths were at it
again claiming this doctored image was actually the source of the Kos image (and
a companion one on the Obama campaign site). I debunked that fantasy in the
links above, and a forensic document expert at Atlas Shrugs confirmed my
conclusions, while simultaneously creating the next myth of a clear forgery. The
mock-up, known as the Opendna image, is of much lower resolution and cannot be
the source of the other two images.

You can go to the last two posts above to see my conclusions, but I found the
last theory at Atlas Shrugs to verge on the stupid
. Sorry, but as the options
for keeping the myth alive died out, the ‘logic’ to find one more way to salvage
it went well into the bizarre. Techdude, the computer forensic expert at Atlas
Shrugs, noted the glaringly obvious fact that a Sep 2002 COLB for one Ms Decosta
was dramatically different from the Jun 2007 COLB for Barrack Obama.  And they
are different, but the reason why is quite interesting.

And our digital forensic expert in residence (Techdude)  teaches A J the ABCs in this lesson. HIS FULL REPORT WILL FOLLOW IN A DAY OR SO:

Let’s not resort to name calling, folks..  AJ is correct on several of his assumptions such as the OpenDNA images came after the KOS image and that there was a change in the COLB certificates between the Decosta and the KOS versions. However I have been using a half dozen separate Hawaiian COLBs issued over a 6 year period all the way through 2008 – some hi-res digital scans and some sitting on my desk (real ones) as comparison specimens. And once again to summarize – none of them match the security border of the KOS image.

Unlike AJ I just happened to have been lucky enough to have had more than just the Decosta image to work with so that I am able to see the progression of the document modifications through time. (I also called Hawaii and talked to them about it) But f rom AJ’s point of view his observation would be correct having not seen a 2006, other 2007’s, or 2008 COLBs. I also realize that there has been some confusion and I am not basing my analysis on the border itself but on the analysis of the actual overall modifications made to the KOS image. The border just happened to be what caught my attention in the first place. Long story short the KOS image is made up of several discrete layers (changes) that can be viewed by using advanced image analysis techniques. [geek alert] Any recent changes made to a JPEG are for lack of a better word "recorded" by the individual 8×8 pixel cells that make up the JPEG. By measuring the differences in error rates and performing wavelet and PCA analysis you can actually show the individual modifications. Mix that with basic observational analysis and metadata extraction and you can form a more complete picture. In the case at hand the KOS COLB was not just simply scanned into Photoshop and a box placed over the certificate number and then exported for the web. The original scan has been saved multiple times, the text and the borders have both been modified, and the background image (the paper) may be the only thing still "real" in the image. Unfortunately there is no way to know what the original state of the document was (you can not bring things back from the dead at least I can’t) but it is not in the same state as the original scan. The best I can do is show you what changes were made with an estimate as to order in which they were modified. Why they were made and who made them is not my concern. While AJ and I may poke fun at each other it is not in a mean spirited way. And on a serious note I would like to get AJ’s take on the analysis techniques I have been using. A whitepaper presentation by Dr. Neal Krawtz on which some of my methods and algorithms are based on can be found here and one by Jessica Fridrich et al here
So everyone keep your shirts on – I am writing up the full report and it will be done as soon as I have the time with all of the explicit details and lots of geeky stuff tossed in for good measure. I still need to finish capturing screenshots, resize them a bit, and then put together a section of the report so you can all do the same experiments at home using some freely available analysis tools.

But on a side note if AJ or anyone else has any questions for me feel free to post them. I will answer anything you ask to the best of my abilities but you might want to wait a few more days so you can read the entire report – so far just explaining the methodology and the science behind them has put it over a dozen typed pages (I obviously also need to edit them down a bit). It may have to be posted in parts at this rate.

P.S. – For giggles I also used the same analysis method against McCains posted COLB…it is not modified (are you shocked?) and tossed it into the report for good measure. I also added in a few known modified images so you can see how the process works.

The plot thickens and Google gets into the act.  bvw asked in the comment section why Google puledl all or nearly all Obama and Decosta birth cert images from
it’s image search results over the weekend?
Swordmaker researched it  — Google has scrubbed their images of Obama’s birth certificate. For
those of you that captured the image DO NOT DELETE THEM:

have discovered that as of this evening (not sure when it occurred)
that Google Image search no longer has ANY of the disputed Barack Obama
Birth Certificate images in its index. Articles are still present but
after searching over 980 image returned by the search Barack Obama "Birth Certificate"
not one single version, blank, filled in, or otherwise, was in the
index. Google has made them disappear. Articles on Obama’s BC are still
there but images that can be used to check the pro or con of the
arguments about authenticity are now not to be found. In addition, a
couple of quite similar images are linked to sites where they simply do
not, nor never did exist. One in particular appears the same as the BHO
Birth Certificate that Google claims is from FreeRepublic.com. The
image is actually an Hawaiian Marriage Certificate and is linked to a
comment about the Birth Certificates that never had an image—nor is
there any marriage certificate in any of the 333 comments on the FR
thread. Somebody is making the birth certificate images disappear. If
you can’t trust the librarian, how can you find the books in the
library—or even if the books exist? Somebody is playing games.

Vanity: Google
buries disputed Barack Obama Birth Certificates – they are gone from index

And then of course, there are the other birth certificates in  in this curious tale of the charlatan’s COLB:….a birth certificate from the Kenyan
city of Mombasa registering the birth of Barack Obama Jr. on August 4,

June 5, 2008 -Obama is not eligible to be President

"WMR’s intelligence sources in Africa are reporting that amid the
post-election turmoil wracking Kenya, a three-person team (including a possible
Korean-American woman) arrived in Nairobi last week and began asking questions
about Barack Obama’s father, the late Barack Obama, Sr. The team also inquired
about the Senator Obama Secondary School in Nyangoma-Kogelo in northwestern
Kenya, the area where Obama’s father, an ethnic Luo, hailed and where his
grandmother, Sarah Ogwel Onyango, still lives.

Why not? What’s to fear?

It now appears that this
same team traveled to Mombasa and dug up a certificate registering the birth of
Barack Obama Jr. to his father, a Kenyan citizen, and mother, an American
The GOP hopes to make the claim that Senator Obama is not eligible to
become President of the United States because he was born in a foreign country,
or, at the very least, plant the seed in the voters’ minds that Obama is a
foreigner even if the charge is false.

GOP operatives are already trying
to make political hay out of the federal conviction on June 4 of Chicago
Democratic fundraiser Tony Rezko on 16 24 corruption charges. The Republicans
are attempting to show that Rezko had close links to Obama although the probe
was more closely connected to the administration of Illinois Democratic Governor
Rod Blagojevich From the Wayne Madsen Reort (a left wing blog no less)

And just to muck things up a bit, just to give you an indication of just what kind of shady invidual we are dealing with:

he could be CITIZEN OF INDONESIA!!.….

Furthermore, it is common practice in many US states to edit such
secondary certificates to account for name-changes, sex-changes (ha, that would
be a good story!), updated info (such as a newly identified father etc.). In
other words, if he has changed his name, he could request that this ID reflect
that change.

This just raises more doubts about Obama. What on Earth is his

How is it possible that not one reporter has asked him if he is a
citizen of any other country?

While Obama has shared his extensive obsessions with Africa and his
skin color, no-one has paid attention to reports that he
was listed as an Indonesian citizen at school, and that he traveled on an
Indonesian passport. Is their any validity to these reports? You’d think
inquiring minds would want to know.
But no. I guess
that would just be expressing far too much curiosity about a virtual unknown who
wants to be the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.

PREVIOUS:FORENSIC EXPERT: "the [birth] certificate is still a horrible forgery"

Atlas Tech Expert Declares Obama Birth Certificate ...

Who died and made him the final word on Obama’s

The "Missing" Obama Birth Certificate Seal 6/29/08



UPDATE: If you are related to any of these people, you can  request a copy of Obambi’s birth certificate.

As I recently blogged, § 338-18 of the Hawaii Revised
Statutes permits someone to obtain someone else’s birth certificate if they

(5) A person having a common ancestor with the

Someone just e-mailed with a brilliant

"Since anyone with a common ancestor can request a
certificate, why not find someone with an ancestor in common with Obama and ask
that person to request his birth certificate? Dick Cheney, for example. (Just
kidding, but supposedly they do share an ancestor.)

I obtained the
Baltimore Sun article to which my correspondent referred in her e-mail. The
article concerns genealogist, William Adams Reitweisner, who has compiled
Senator Obama’s genealogy. The article mentions George Washington Overall, Mary
Duvall and Christopher Columbus Clark. Mr. Reitweisner’s analysis is here. Senator Obama’s family goes back 11 generations
in America and includes quite a few ancestors from 17th century New York and New
Jersey, including a Simon de Ruyne, who was born in Flushing in 1645.

The following is a list of Mr. Obama’s ancestors from Mr. Reitweisner’s
analysis. Mr. Reitweisner cautions that the list is a
"first draft". The most recent Obama ancestors are listed first.

Janice Okubo and Chiyome L. Fukino, MD at

State of Hawaii Department of
Honolulu, Hawaii 98601-3378

and inform them that under § 338-18
of the Hawaii Revised Statutes you are entitled to obtain a copy of Mr. Barack
Obama’s birth certificate because you share an ancestor in common. Please
forward the copy to me, other bloggers and the newspapers. The list

Go here. (hat tip Larwyn)

UPDATE July 15 2:46am : More from Techdude in response to comment thread:

Well I just got home and read the latest comments. I really need to get some sleep but I wanted to chime in. First let me say I am happy to see Dr. Neal finally weighed in on the topic but I have to quickly point out they have been reviewing the wrong images.

The original KOS COLB is not the one still posted at either of the sites – it is just a lower quality (higher compression) crop of the larger 8 1/2 x 11 image that was removed almost immediately after it was first posted. But to touch on something he did bring up (which was going to be in the final report) the document does appear to have been recreated on top of an existing certificate. It may have been printed, scanned, and touched up or scanned blank and modified which is why I have been saying the background i s the only part of the image that appears to be unmodified (does that make sense? I have been up for 18 hours).

Allow me to quickly add some fuel to the fire before I pass out. Since they did not have access to the other COLBs I will tell you all the information I have gathered from the ones I have plus some other information I have received. The paper pattern has remained the same (I think there are only a few manufacturers of security paper unless they buy some off brand made in China) but the weight of the paper has changed. It is cotton or linen based and is now thicker (a heavier weight). The border appearance has changed between 2003 and today – but it is nothing like the 2007 KOS COLB image.

Allow me to expand on that a bit. Out of the series of COLBs I have looked at the KOS image is still the only one with no matches. I have exact matches to the Decosta version and exact matches to the 2006-2008 certificates (I do not have any from 2004-2005…feel free to send them). There is no match to the KOS version, supposedly issued in 2007, amongst any of them. Another observation is that the text in the known good 2007 and 2008 certificates do not line up with KOS version but they will align with one another. I know, I am going to have to post screen shots but I have not had the time to take any. Other glaring differences are seen with the spacing and kerning of the text on the documents versus the KOS image. I will have to post some screen shots to show them perhaps in an LGF pulsating gif sort of way. If you look at the full image of the KOS version (not the low quality cropped ones) you will also see that it is printed well off center (too far to the left of the page). And of course none of the other certificates (from all date ranges) are printed off center.

The KOS version is also the only post-2006 version that you can see the date stamp bleed through on the back. This led me to my original assumption that someone had used a very common technique to remove the printing and simply recreated the document on top of the almost blank page. (Without getting too detailed it is easy done at home and is a common method used by ID and check thieves and with a bit of extra work you can make your own $20 bills out of a $1.) Unfortunately none of the owners of the COLBs will allow me to destroy them to test out the hypothesis to see if it was printed and then scanned in and touched up. Apparently I have been able to pick up on some artifacts that they have missed but it will all be laid out once I get some time to finish the report. I look forward to having them review what I have found using some of their analysis methods. On a final note (I really have to get to bed)

I have talked to a few people in Hawaii over the last few weeks who have all said they have seen the KOS image and they all agreed it looks suspicious. One person went so far as to say flat out that there was no way that was printed by them. Sorry for the short reply and the typos but my bed needs me more than I need to be here replying :)

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