Killing girls. On the march. Domestic ‘honour’ Violence Cost
Britain 25.3 Billion Pounds
see here). He’s a two bit punk threatening anyone that speaks of the honor killing. Download islamsaidthreat.mp3. Islam knows where the murderer is. He’s a walking time bomb – jihad boy all the way.


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Police upgraded charges to first-degree murder against the father of a teenaged
Brampton girl who friends say was feuding with her family over her refusal to
wear a hijab.

(Read our previous stories on the case here.) 

And police say they believe Aqsa Parvez’s brother also bears culpability, even
if they cannot prove it.

The 16-year-old girl was killed after her
brother brought her home to pick up some clothes on Dec. 10.

Parvez, 26, has been charged only with obstructing police for allegedly
misleading investigators.

“He did play a part in her arriving back at the
home, as you well know. I’m sure there’s more to this,”
Inspector Norm English
said on Tuesday of Waqas Parvez’s role in the death.

“The one thing you
need is evidence. There’s no point in going to court without it.”

girl’s murder gained international attention after high school classmates
claimed that the girl had clashed with her devout Muslim family about her
refusal to wear traditional clothes. The strained relations drove Aqsa out of
her home and to another Muslim family, who described her as a “typical” teenager
who yearned for acceptance while straddling the Muslim and Western cultures.
They disputed the claim that the friction was over a hijab, and said the girl
was repairing her relationship with her family in the days leading up to her

On the morning of Dec. 10, her brother picked her up at a bus
stop and took her home, where police say she was strangled to death before 8
a.m. Police say a man called 911 and said he had killed his daughter.

Muhammad Parvez, 57, was arrested that day and later charged with
second-degree murder. The charge was upgraded on Tuesday in a Brampton courtroom
to first degree, which suggests premeditation and planning.


Amina and Sarah Said Christmas

The savage father, Yaser Said, had pulled a gun on Christmas Eve 2007 and threatened to kill Amina.

Tissie would leave with Amina and her younger daughter Sarah, 17, who also
feared her father. Her brother Islam had told their father that Sarah also had a
boyfriend, and Yaser threatened to kill her too.

Tissie, who calls herself yaser’s girl on her myspace page is an accessory to murder. Amina’s fiance Eddie  said, "I thought she [Patricia]  had something against the girls."

From the time they were little, Yaser told his daughters they were to have no
American boyfriends, ever. Yaser and Islam kept strict watch over the girls to
ensure they didn’t disobey his command.

Yaser had big plans for both girls. Everything would begin in May, when Amina
received her high school diploma. She would get engaged to a man he had chosen
for her in Egypt, his birthplace. From the groom, Amina would receive a sizable
mahr, the traditional dowry. Yaser had scrimped for years to provide his
own contribution to the marriage: a small vacation "chalet" on the seaside in
the Sinai.

When Amina, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, asked her father when she would
go to college, Yaser had a simple answer: when—if—your husband allows.
The same was expected for Sarah.

Amina had no intention of marrying a much older Egyptian man, a stranger, so,
on December 26, Tissie, her daughters and their boyfriends fled. They made their
way to Attica, a small Kansas town where Tissie’s aunt lived. But Amina, who had
been offered a scholarship by Texas A&M, knew immediately that Attica
wouldn’t do. She had to live in a college town.

The group got back on the road and headed to Tulsa, where Eddie had
relatives. They planned to get an apartment, find jobs and enroll in school.
Their boyfriends would stay with them. "We were going to live with them so they
could be safe," says Eric, Sarah’s boyfriend.

The group found an apartment; Tissie and Eric got jobs right away while the
girls checked out schools. Eddie drove back to Dallas for a DJ job and to get
his belongings.

Then Tissie lied.

She told her daughters that December 31 was her deceased mother’s birthday
and she wanted to drive to East Texas to put flowers on her grave. Driving
through Denton to Lewisville, Tissie revealed the truth: She was returning to

Reluctantly, Sarah went home with her mother, but Amina refused.

"I’m never going back there," Amina told an aunt. She spent New Year’s Eve at
Eddie’s house.

The calls from her mother started early the next morning, but Amina refused
to come home. Finally, Tissie drove the few blocks to Eddie’s house and pounded
on the door. Amina argued while her mother stood unmoving in the doorway, saying
her father had forgiven her.

"She said he just wanted to talk to Amina and that everything was going to be
Eddie says. "Amina was crying and didn’t want to go, but her mom made her.
I trusted her mom to take care of her." So, he backed off.

A few hours later, the bullet-riddled bodies of Amina and Sarah Said were
found in a bloody taxi outside an Irving hotel. Yaser Said has disappeared and
now is a fugitive, wanted for their murders.

The mother is an accessory. She should be arrested. Arresting the son would bring the cockroach father out from under his rock.

There is an article one of the very few as this story was virtually ignored by the mainstream media afraid of insulting Islam. The reporter who wrote this story ought to live in an Isalmic country for awhile. What an ignorant fool.  They promote the article as such: American Girls

"Crossing between American and Egyptian cultures, he Said
girls made one deadly misstep"

Their misstep? MISSTEP?

Check out this taqiya:

Yaser’s culture taught that a father’s duty, his highest responsibility, was to
see his children wed into good households. Bonds with well-to-do Egyptian
families would secure his good name, his future financial success and care in
his old age. Now his daughters—sheltered and modest but thoroughly American—were
turning their backs on their father’s plans.

Yeah, you read that right. Did the reporter read the autopsy report? Does she have any clue what a gruesome nightmare their lives were in that house? This was not in an Islamic newspaper but the Dallas Observer by one Glenna Whitley. Shame on the editor that ran this tripe. Notice how Whitley neglected to mention that Yaser threatened to take the girls to Egypt and kill them there because "honor killings are legal there".

Shame on Whitley and the Observer for misinforming the public yet again.

It’s disgusting. Look how this clown of a reporter writes of Yaser and Tissie’s wedding.

Sitting on one side, the family of Tissie Owens, age 15: white, Christian for
the most part, working-class Texans who looked at the groom’s relatives and saw
immigrants from Egypt who spoke with funny accents, had a funny religion and
whose women dressed in flowing robes.

On the rapes and repeated penetration of his daughters, the West once again failed those girls,

….his family lived in a shack.

"They had to poop in a bucket," recalls Tissie’s aunt, Joyce Boucher.

On October 24, 1998, Tissie called a Hill County Sheriff’s deputy to say her
daughters told their American grandmother, who lived in Garland, that their
father had been sexually molesting them for two or three years. She had again
left Yaser.

"The girls were staying with [the grandmother] and were afraid to go with
their father and told [the grandmother] that their father had put his finger in
their vagina and rectum and he had put his penis in Amina’s vagina one time,"

the sheriff’s report reads.

"Complainant [Tissie] advised that Sarah told her that her father had stuck
his finger inside of her and that Amina told her that her father had stuck his
finger inside of her, touched her bottom and her top.
" The last alleged
sexual abuse
had occurred about two weeks earlier, when Tissie was visiting
her mother and the children stayed with Yaser.

The last alleged??????????? Alleged? Says who? The reporter?


Tissie took the three children to the sheriff’s office. Two deputies
conducted a taped interview with Amina, who, in very graphic language for a
child, described how her father had touched her, made her touch him, and that
her father had "put his front part in her front part." Amina said that "she is
afraid of her father…afraid he will hit her."

In an interview with Sarah, the 8-year-old told deputies about her father’s
alleged sexual molestation and said she was afraid of "her dad and his
brothers…scared they will take her."

Yaser adamantly denied the charge and said he was willing to take a polygraph
test. He blamed Tissie for not providing for the children.

Yaser never took the polygraph. In Dallas County, he was charged with felony
"retaliation" after Tissie filed a complaint alleging he threatened to kill her
and take the children after being indicted on December 17, 1998, for "sexual
penetration" of both girls.

But the charges were dropped on January 12, 1999, when Amina and Sarah
recanted, saying they had lied about the abuse because they didn’t like their
school in Covington and wanted to live with their grandmother. (Yaser was not
arrested for alleged retaliation until March 22, 2001. That charge was also
dismissed after Tissie refused to cooperate with prosecutors and Yaser agreed to
take an anger-management course.)

After the sexual abuse case was dismissed, the couple again reconciled. The
family left Covington and lived in a series of dumpy apartments in Dallas and
Tarrant counties. Tissie and Yaser eked out an existence with the help of a
monthly disability check that began after Islam was diagnosed as "mentally
retarded." At age 14, he dropped out to be home-schooled by his mother. The
disability check paid the rent


Actual mugshot


Possible appearance


Wanted for Murder.


The brother, who won’t reveal his name (!) was tight with Yaser. Check out his racist remarks:


Only when it’s Muslim do they call it an honor killing," says Yaser’s brother
"Ahmed." (He spoke to the Dallas Observer on the condition his real name
wasn’t published.) "They don’t call it a Christian killing. They just say they
went nuts."

Dressed in gray sweats, running shoes and a Baylor cap, Ahmed stands on the
front porch of his two-story red brick house in suburban Bedford in mid-May. A
school bus drives by and discharges his teenage daughter, who is carrying her
backpack, her hair covered by a hijab.

I bet his daughter could tell us a thing or two.

The Said family was against Yaser’s marriage to Tissie from the beginning, Ahmed
says. He describes the Owens family as "lower class, uneducated, racist," always
trying to sneak the children into Christian church.

The reporter ran Ahmed’s bullshit unedited. Puke, all of it.

The attempt to start new lives was aborted when Tissie told the girls that
December 31 was their grandmother’s birthday and they had to drive to East Texas
to put flowers on her grave.

Did the girls know that Tissie and her mother had been estranged for years
before her death? Tissie’s mother had been furious after her daughter returned
to Yaser despite the abuse allegations. The "flowers on the grave" story was a

Yaser had promised Moggio that if Tissie and the girls came home, he would
move out of the house. As they neared Lewisville, Tissie announced she was
returning to Yaser. Their escape attempt was over. Sarah went home with her
mother, but Amina insisted on staying with Eddie. She called Moggio.

"She said, ‘My mom just flat lied to us,’" Moggio says. "’She went back to my
dad. I’d rather be dead than go back there.’" Moggio told her to get a
restraining order against her father "immediately."

Tissie told Yaser that Amina had gone to a New Year’s Eve party and was
spending the night with a friend.

The next day, however, Tissie told Yaser that Amina had spent the night at
Eddie’s home.

Tissie called Amina for hours then appeared at Eddie’s front door. All was
forgiven, her daddy had said, "the page flipped." Her father had changed, Tissie

Amina didn’t believe it. Eddie reminded Tissie about the fear of the previous

"He’s hurt her for 20 years," Eddie said. "He wouldn’t change after five

"I thought about it," Tissie said. "Y’all and Islam are going to get married,
and I don’t want to be all alone. Nothing is going to happen [to Amina] with me
there. I really want them to finish high school, then you can run away." She
promised to protect her daughters.

"I don’t want to go back," Amina insisted. In tears, she turned to Eddie.
"Let’s go back to Tulsa."

"Patricia will know where we are," Eddie said. "I was like, ‘It won’t hurt to
talk to him.’" He breaks into sobs at the memory.

"I always thought that a mother would take care of her girls."

"You’re letting me down," Amina told Eddie. She took the memory card out of
her camera and threw it at him. "It’s over. He won’t let me see you again." She
refused to kiss him goodbye and walked out the door.

The last time Eddie saw Amina was in her father’s taxi. Eddie and his father
were driving to meet a relative when Yaser’s taxi crossed their path. Eddie
followed the cab and saw Amina sitting in the front seat facing Yaser, her knee
up and her back against the door.

"She looked nervous," Eddie says. "Sarah didn’t look worried." After Amina
sent him a text message saying the situation was OK, he and his father drove on
to their destination.

Amina had only been home only minutes when her father had hustled both girls
into his taxi. Yaser had confronted Sarah and asked if she was having sex with
her boyfriend. She said yes.

"I think he was top-of-the-line angry," Eddie says. "He was like, ‘How did
that happen?’"


"Help, help, my dad shot me…"

The call to 911 was routed to the Irving Police Department at 7:35 p.m. The
cell phone caught a girl’s gasping voice.

"I’m dying, I’m dying Abu…."

The sound of a car door opening.

"Oh my God, not again!"

A struggle. "Stop it. Stop it. Stop…" The door slamming. Then only

The police dispatcher traced the number to Islam, who had loaned Sarah his
phone. Lewisville police arrived at the Lakeland house and picked up Tissie and
Islam, who said Yaser had taken the girls in his taxi "for tea."

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