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"Honor Killer" Yaser Said, Al AQaeda and the Muslim Underground

By Pamela Geller and Bill Warner, WBI

After Yaser Said allegedly murdered older daughter Amina in cold blood and then pumped nine bullets into his tiny daughter, Sarah Said,  he intended to flee the country (which would explain why he parked so near the airport).  What he did not count on was Sarah's super human ability to make a 911 call naming her father and pleading for her life,  the cell phone signal identifying where they were. Yasir was forced to move the bodies and his plan unraveled from there.

When he moved the girls bodies to a deserted part of the Omni hotel parking lot, Yasir was covered in blood and too far from anywhere to travel on foot. Someone had to have come and picked him up. Who? Who helped Yasir that night? Who did Yaser Said call on his cell phone? Who?  Have police checked those cell phone records?

Yaser Said made the lives of his wonderful, athletic, top honors daughters a living hell. This sexual sociopath raped them in their youth and beat them fiercely as a regular diet.

The legitimacy of male violence against rebellious women is by no means an extreme view among Arab Muslims. A columnist in the Yemen Times last week argued that violence against women is sometimes necessary to "preserve the morals and principles with which Islam has honored us." In Arab culture, where honor is prized and female sexual purity exalted, a family can be cast out if a female member brings shame upon it. Traditionally, the only way to restore peace is through violence. (Ron Dreher here)

"Honor killer" Yaser Said and his three younger brothers are very close. They take care of each other. This is as much a religious mandate  as it is familial. Muslims brothers take care of each other. I suspect it is Yaser's brothers who have set Yasir up in the Muslim underground. They have extensive connections and own real estate together in Texas, New York and even Indiana.

Yaser Abdel Said and his brother  set up a post office box in Covington, Texas (where the families once lived on a compound) on November 15, 2007, the same day that a separate box was being set up near property owned by the Saids in a small town in Shrub Oaks, New York.

There has been  activity at the post office box in Shrub Oaks  set up by one of the Said brothers on November 15, 2007 just days before the murder of the two desperate young girls.

One of the addresses that a younger Said brother is linked to is in Mohegan Lake, New York, that home is owned by a Muslim man who runs an Arabic translation company.

The Mohegan Lake home owner was one of the Arabic interpreters  in the USA V Al Qaeda 1998 caseThe Mohegan Lake home owner worked for the defendant Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali and WADIH EL HAGE (who just happens to be from Arlington Texas, same as all of the Said brothers). The Arabic interpreter helped create a lot of confusion in the case for the defendants Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali and WADIH EL HAGE  

USA v. Al Qaeda Docket, October 20, 2000 – Defendant Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali present attorneys Robert Tucker and David I. Bruck,.

Three of the Said brothers have had apartments near  Wadih Al Hage in Arlington TX during the the same time frame –  the early 1990's and then 1997 to 1998 while Wadih was facing trial as a member of al qaeda.

The Arabic translator for Wadih El Hage's defense team, caused a whole lot of delays and problems with the translations of the surveillance wire taps in the trial of Wadih El Hage.  The translator is also from the same part of the Dallas Fort Worth area as Wadih El Hage and all of the Said brothers.

Yaser Abdel Said was in the same part of Arlington Texas in 1993 as  Wadih El Hage. They more than likely went to the same Mosque, the Central Arlington Mosque in Arlington, Texas  where El Hage and his family worshiped for years. It now calls itself the  Islamic Society of Arlington.

Wadih Al Hage was Osama bin-Laden's personal secretary in the Sudan prior to the 1998 US Embassy bombings and Wadih Al Hage went to prison (for life) for his part in the bombings.

Whether El Hage was a mediator or collaborator, evidence shows he was friends with many people who were later convicted in the World Trade Center and New York City Landmark bombing cases. On March 8, 1991, El Hage signed in to visit El Sayyid Nosair at the Riker's Island. Nosair was serving a sentence for gun charges stemming from the Meir Kahane murder case. Both El Sayyid Nosair and Mahmud Abouhalima were central figures in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and both have been convicted in that crime.

There are other unusual connections between the men. In January of 1992, El Hage was arrested in Arlington, Texas, for writing several bad checks. He was riding in the car with a companion named Marwan Salama. According to phone records from the World Trade Center case, Salama had extensive phone contacts with the World Trade center bombers in the two months before the actual bombing.

El Hage moved back to the suburban community of Arlington, Texas in 1997 and got a job in a local tire store. The family moved into a small apartment near the University of Texas and the children enrolled in a local Muslim school.   According to friends and neighbors contacted by FRONTLINE, the family lived a normal Muslim life, regularly attending Mosque and schooling their children in the Koran. "He was a hard worker, had a good business sense and was very devout," said his co-worker at the Lone Star Tire Store, Mahmoud Mazouni. "He became something of a religious leader, like an imam and sometimes led the prayers." 

Apparently,  Said has ties to Jihadis tied to al qaeda. That's who is helping to hide  him, the Muslim underground. It's no wonder Yasir told his wife, every time he goes to the shooting range, he is shooting an Americans.

It is more than curious that Yaser Abdel Said's brother just happens to link to an addresses in Mohegan Lake New York  and Shrub Oak,  New York when Yaser is on the run.

Shrub Oak NY is about 40 min ride via train from the Bronx section of New York City, radicalized NY mosques here.)

There appears to be a  pattern with the Saids  of hiding their locations from public records.   

Ron Dreher wrote in the Dallas Morning News:

The legitimacy of male violence against rebellious women is by no means an extreme view among Arab Muslims. A columnist in the Yemen Times last week argued that violence against women is sometimes necessary to "preserve the morals and principles with which Islam has honored us." In Arab culture, where honor is prized and female sexual purity exalted, a family can be cast out if a female member brings shame upon it. Traditionally, the only way to restore peace is through violence.

According to a Dallas Morning News report, Yaser Said was a rage-filled, troubled man. Almost 10 years ago, his wife and daughters told police he was molesting the girls; they later recanted. He was not faithful to his prayers or his mosque. He was, it appears, a sociopath obsessed with female purity and willing to use violence to enforce his will. This kind of man exists in every society. But Mr. Said comes from a shame/honor culture in which this form of sociopathy is not only tolerated but validated as a positive social value.

What's more, experts say that while educated, urbane Arab Muslims don't practice honor killing, they tend not to condemn it, either. And not all Muslims leave this barbaric code behind when they emigrate to the West. In two separate meetings with members of this newspaper's editorial board, Mohamed Elmougy, a prominent North Texas Muslim community leader and Egyptian immigrant, defended violence, even deadly violence, against women and homosexuals. Though the term "honor killing" did not come up in either discussion, Mr. Elmougy explained that violence against sexual outlaws is acceptable to defend the family and the social order.

"The way we view it, we don't look at it as violent," he said. "We look at it as a deterrent."

Screenshot of the missing persons report filed by Yasir Said when the girls ran away. It clearly says Yaser was upset with Amina. Yaser admits it.  Two weeks before they left, there was a fight because Yaser found out about Amina's  NON- MUSLIM boyfriend. read the whole report. The cops should have removed those girls from the premises when the mother brought them back.

Click to enlarge or Download Said_missing.source.prod_affiliate.58.pdf


Well. When you have a community acculturated to the belief that women (and gays) who break taboos deserve to be beaten, even killed, out of some twisted concept of the common good, you can be sure there are innocent people enduring silent, anonymous suffering.

Rafia Zakaria, an American Muslim woman starting a legal defense fund for battered Muslim women, told The New York Times recently, that Muslims "are reluctant to look within to face their problems because it will substantiate the arguments demonizing them."

It would be preposterous to believe that all, or even most, Muslim men are wife-beating brutes. But it also would be irresponsible to ignore the cultural and religious teachings that create an environment in which females who don't behave as males command deserve to suffer.

And it would be immoral not to confront them.

The Said girls had a funeral at the Dallas Central Mosque. One imam talked about the primary importance of the family in Islam and of the responsibility parents have to keep their families strong. These are arguments used to justify honor killing.

And the girls spoke prior to their death of not wanting an Islamic burial.

But if a word against honor killing – or violence against women – was spoken in English at that service, no one heard it.

And then there is this from a family member:

Family Recollections of Yaser Said
When Tissy [Patricia, mother of the dead girls]  met Yaser, he was working at a seven eleven store. So was his brother, Yassein. She and her family lived in an apartment complex very close to this store. When she and her siblings went to the store, Yassein, flirted with Tissy. He gifted her, made her feel special and this wooing, created a "crush". Yassein, asked Tissy to marry him and she said yes!! The following week, Yassein broke off the engagement. Then, up steps Yaser! He began the same process and told my brother-in-law that he was a college student, self sufficient and Tissy would be well cared for. They became engaged and the gifting process continued.

Tissy was 15.

He said he was in school but, I never heard what his major was! I am not sure he was actually in school! Yaser, was Muslim and I warned my niece and begged her to please read and UNDERSTAND Yaser's religion and culture. She promised me she would. She did not…I later found out.
Yaser's need to control was implemented immediately! Tissy took a photo album to my sisters house and showed them pictures of Yaser holding a knife to her throat!  Yaser always carried a machine gun, in his car! My sister was terrified of him!! She would tell me that she was afraid that he would kill those children and her daughter, Tissy!
Information from those who were around him more:
He was a sharp dresser…even if the children and Tissy had little, he always dressed very nicely.
Tissy, was the primary money maker in the home. He did not work most of the time!
All monies, Yaser made from driving a cab, was never to be touched by anyone!
Yaser went to Egypt, at least once a year.
Yaser, bought property, in Egypt, on the Mediterranean and had Islam and Amina a flat built…from ground up! He had intended to build one for Sarah as well.
Yaser told Tissy, when they had the two girls, they could NEVER date or, marry an American! Only an Egyptian Muslim.
Yaser, was very militant in his dealings! In as much, many were told that he had actually built an underground survivalist structure…this was on the property, in Covington. I went there the other day to see if  could find any signs of this…I could not! I tried!!
Yaser controlled most all the movements of the girls and when he could not, he had his son, Islam to spy on his sisters.
Yaser spent much time with his own family. They seemed to be very close.??
Yaser owned many weapons! Knives, guns and such.
Yaser molested my seven year old niece! He molested his seven year old daughter and his eight year old daughter.
Yaser took my niece, which he raped, to a firing range and told her, "You see that target? Yes, she replied….everytime I shoot this, I am shooting an American! This was only a couple of years after Tissy married him.
When relatives visited the Said home, Yaser kept away from them and stayed to himself. He was polite to my Mom but, did not take up conversation with her.

Yaser, had Tissy doing much of the dirty stuff! She lied to get government subsidies and told them Yaser had left her and the children. Not true! They learned of this and my niece was arrested for fraud. He was being hidden, by her, for the sake of getting monies they were not entitled too.
Yaser was cruel to the girls! Not his son but, these girls were scared to death of him.
Yaser beat Amina and Sarah…not Islam!
He smoked cigarettes even if it meant there would be little to no food, on the table!

Yaser Abdel Said plays everybody and the American welfare system, controlling, a constant sexual predator, ultra macho outward appearance, always claims to have a weapon (even if he doesn't) constant fear factor in his presence, non-communicative in groups unknown, classic sociopath, extremely dangerous, confides in his brothers very close to them, plans with them, probably not so much the son as he uses him as a tool, not an equal.

Listen to my podcast with Amina and Sarah's aunt here.

More on the gruesome murders here: Honor Killings: Islam Misogyny

Law enforcement – your move.

He could look like this
or this.
evil smiles
Check out all the different ways he could change his appearance here.

Bill Warner private investigator, owner WBI Inc. Private Detective Agency Sarasota Fl and the WBIPI Terrorism Research Ctr.  Consultant to the FBI and ICE on support of terrorism related investigations and consultant to the US Secret Service on domestic money laundering case, website here.



But she's not letting that stop her.

Via Phyllis Chesler: “I have been warned to shut up. But when Yasser Abdul Said killed those girls he did not just spill Muslim blood on American soil. He shed my blood. I am not going to be quiet. I made a promise at their funerals that I would speak out.”

I am talking to Gail Gartrell, the great-aunt of Amina and Sarah Said who were honor murdered by their father, Yasser Said, on New Year’s Day, 2008.

Apparently the Aunt believes that the girls father who murdered them may be a terrorist.

Gail and the other female relatives with whom I have spoken believe that Yasser Said is “possibly some kind of terrorist. I was only recently told that Yasser always seemed to have a lot of guns, machineguns—they’re illegal here—but handguns too.” Gail tells me:

Family members gathered at the spot where the girls were killed on Saturday March 8th.

The girl’s own mother, “Tissie” (Patricia) Said, was not at the March 8th Celebration. She is the one who effectively lured her daughters to their deaths. Also not there was their brother, Islam Said, Yasser and “Tissie’s” first-born son.

You may recall it was the son Islam who found Tissie and the girls in hiding and convinced them that they should come home and promised no harm would come to them. Shortly afterward Yaser Abdel Said Murded his daughters. According to the article the family believes that Mr. Said is still in the area and being hidden by sympathetic Muslim relatives.

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