Paris Dispatch: Sarkozy, the Real Bush?


InPunk Jihad in France ties into the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood project here and here. Poole’s piece is a must read: PARISIAN INTIFADA

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The urban warfare we are seeing in Paris, as well as the systematic violence
by Muslim immigrants in other major cities throughout Europe, are in accord with
the strategic planning documents drafted by the Muslim Brotherhood in recent
decades in their hopes to establish a global caliphate through jihad. 

Sophie sent us th above picture of the "police inspector who was lynched by the scum last Sunday."
Moreover, Sophie  added an appendix that relates the Algerian Minister’s anti-Semitic insults to Sarkozy.
JTA ran a spot on op-ed by Bernard Harrison, emeritus
E.E. Ericksen Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, and author
of "Israel, Anti-Semitism and Free Speech"
on Sarkozy’s tough stand on the Jew hatred infecting France (and the whole of Europe.) Op-Ed: Diagnose, then attack, anti-Semitism 

Seamless denial of anti-Semitism
must be confronted and attacked

EAST SUSSEX, England (JTA) — French President Nicolas
Sarkozy, during his recent visit to Washington, stated in widely reported
remarks that the resurgence of anti-Semitic propaganda and associated violence
around the world should not be minimized or explained away, but attacked

Addressing the American Jewish Committee, Sarkozy recalled being
aghast to hear a Gaullist minister dismissing recent anti-Semitic violence in
France with the throw-away line, "Yes, there are synagogues burning, but there
are also cars burning."

Fighting anti-Semitism, Sarkozy said, involves
agreement on what constitutes it.

"We cannot fight against what is
denied," he said. "Unless you agree on a diagnosis, you cannot find the

Read it all. In the latest Muslim rioting Sarkozy comes out swinging and Sophie, our Atlas Paris correspondent agrees. Here Sophie reports on the rest of the unrest. Atlas Exclusive.

Sarkozy backs the police and calls a scum a scum!!! Sophie Fernandez Debellemanière

This morning, Nicolas Sarkozy publicly refuted the do-gooder approach, that poisons public debate on violence in France, by declaring to two thousand policemen at their headquarter of La Défense that: “What happened in Villiers-le-Bel does not have anything to do with a social crisis. I has everything to do with the “voyoucratie” —neologism that should be translated in English by scumocracy”.

Nicolas Sarkozy needed to sound reassuring, as the quasi-totality of the hundred wounded policemen were gunshot and several police unions were concerned about this drastic increase in the dangerousness of their job. He declared: “If we allow a little scum to become a hero in his cité, it will be an insult to the République and to your work”. French President also pleased the huge majority of French people — and especially those unfortunate people who are the rioters’ neighbors and have to bear them everyday—when he said: “I refute the do-gooder approach, which founds a victim of the society behind each delinquent and a social crisis behind each riot.”

These sensible and reassuring words arrive in a relative calm in riot-hit French suburb: yesterday, according to the Val-d’Oise police services, “only a few vehicles and garbage cans were set on fire in Villiers-le-Bel”. The situation got better thanks to the great efforts of one thousand policemen who courageously braved the armed scums.

Atlas Shrugs’s readers must also be aware of a parallel polemic in French media that says a lot about the crazy mentality that reigns in French media and society, and make Nicolas Sarkozy’s work so necessary. It is about the circumstances of the traffic accident itself and whether the two policemen who were in the police car, which colluded with the victims’ “mini motocross” left the accident place before or after the firemen arrive. The two policemen were certainly terrified and may he flown away, some how with reason when we see what happened to the inspector who friendly tried to interpose (and got his lung perforated as well as many contusions)… Anyway, so that you all understand the absurdity of this polemic, I must recall you that:
1: the mini motocross was stolen
2: it did not carry any light, nor the two guys wore helmets.
3: the law bans driving this type of engine on the public highway

In conclusion, in Paris suburbs, a higher control on vehicles –as well on weapons!– is indispensable before trying to solve any social crisis. And if Nicolas Sarkozy’s discourse is exemplary in terms of rationality and refusal of victimization, French people are now waiting for concrete measures.

Here is Le Figaro’s article where brave police inspector Jean Illy relates how he was lynched by a group of scums, while trying to tell them that the whole truth would be made out of the traffic accident in which their two young fellows died:

Commissioner Relates 
His lynching in Villiers-le-Bel
Christophe Cornevin and Cyril Louis
29/11/2007 | Updated: 10:50 |

Assaulted Sunday by about thirty young, Commissioner Illy had three ribs and his nose broken, plus an arcade eyebrow exploded.

Divisional Commissioner Sarcelles (Val), Jean Illy was seriously injured Sunday in the first night of violence, Villiers-le-Bel. He arrived on the spot shortly after the traffic accident that claimed the lives of two teenagers, he was beaten by young he tried to calm down. Upon return from China, Nicolas Sarkozy visited yesterday morning at his bedside.

The face was swollen, his body covered with bruises, Divisional Commissioner Jean Illy barely breathing on his hospital bed, Eaubonne. Three of his ribs were broken. One of them punctured a lung. His nose was broken and his arch eyebrow recousue reveals his eyes to black. For four nights, the operator of the Central Police Sarcelles not sleeping, or evil. With a calm that demands respect, an official of 43 years reconstructs the unlikely scenario of the attempted lynching against him Sunday at Villiers-le-Bel. "By late afternoon, the head of the brigade safety Metropolitan name is permanently for me to report a traffic accident, and to me says a big pressure is mounting." So rest with his wife and children, the Commissioner decides to proceed immediately on the scene. "I always reserve the Republic" sourit-il.

Before leaving, this follower of Buddhism, which does not like violence, decides not to take his service weapon. Once on the ground, he spotted the motorcycle and patrol car accident, but noted that the two teenagers were taken by the emergency services. One police officer present at that moment, he turned to local residents gathered in the vicinity. "I just wanted to reassure the public by promising that the light would be made on this case, under the supervision of a judge," he says. It is immediately apostrophé by twenty-five to thirty young people Hooded.

"Keufs have killed our friends! This is the enc … ! "Said one of them. A "big brother" working as an agent for mediation, trying to calm the game In vain. "Suddenly I heard loud bangs in my back," recalls Jean Illy. A portion of the tape comes to tear up the windows of his unmarked car. Cerné, unarmed no radio, no uniform on the horizon, the officer heard the "big brother" drag him in the ear: "You have to leave, they were mad with rage, I can no longer contain them." An forecastle began to scream: "It’s a scandal, your men fled. As a matter of principle, it is necessary that it is paid, it is necessary that the cops die tonight! "

The officer tries to retreat. Impossible. His car was in flames. "Run, run, they want you to the skin," even the cowardly "big brother" panicked. "I swoop, but in the direction of their city, in the mouth of the wolf," says Jean Illy. I then decided to cope with thirty guys armed with iron bars and baseball bats. "That martial arts expert on Vietnamese and Chinese boxing pare the first shots using the techniques of self-defense. "Then I get an iron bar in the middle figure and the blows rain down, I fell on the floor, put myself into a ball while they are working on me," grimace-t-il. His ordeal will endure endless minutes. Until he succeeds in getting up, breathless, to be borne by a young colleague and rescue services.

Arriving at the head of the district of Sarcelles in 2005, the Commissioner Illy is described as a "man on the ground". If it is at the head of several hundred men, he refused to be caught up in administrative tasks. "It’s a real boss, who knows the territory and knows mount coal in the event of trouble, assured the mayor of Sarcelles, François Pupponi. One can also say he has paid Sunday that sense of touch. "With other words, put a commissioner for more than a year under his command confirms:" Jean has understood that in the eyes of his men, a conductor earns its legitimacy by showing where the mayhem. "Equipped with a" true southern temperament, gay and dynamic, "according to an old acquaintance, a native of Drome, a graduate of Saint-Cyr- au-Mont-d’Or in the early 1990’s, has made most of his career in Corsica then in Nice, where he served in the office of prefect, as adviser on security.

"At that time, already, it was a kind of athlete of the National Police who inspired confidence from his boss because he was both good specialist of Public Security, connoisseur of Corsica and familiar information general, "remembers Pierre Breuil, prefect of the Alpes – Maritimes between 2002 and 2006. At that time, the commissioner Illy is committed to implementing the political culture of the result desired by the Minister of the Interior, where he organizes several visits to the department.

"On this occasion he did know of close associates of Nicolas Sarkozy who, when he applied to join the Paris region, were able to support his candidacy," said the prefect Breuil. Entered according few weeks before urban violence in November 2005, the Commissioner of Sarcelles does not seem to consider, despite his thirty days of temporary work, hang up the gloves.

Just says, as to the attention of his attackers: "For the time being, I have identified on a photo of a kind which m’invectivait but, if I am not a spiteful, I I have a very good memory so that my colleagues find the others … "


Appendix: The Algerian veterans’ minister, Mohamed Cherif Abbas, has made scandalous anti-Semitic remarks about France’s "Jewish lobby" being behind Nicolas Sarkozy’s election.

Sarkozy has antagonized some in Algeria by saying France should no longer "repent" for its colonial past, while Algeria still demands for an apology for the "crimes" of colonization. But Mohamed Cherif Abbas’s words may also be the result of pure anti-Semitism; given that Nicolas Sarkozy’s grandfather was a Jew from Salonique and that he frequently appears in France as Israel’s defender.

Unfortunately, during the past six years, agreement on what
counts as anti-Semitism has not proved easy to achieve. Since Sept. 11, 2001, a
large body of opinion in Europe and America — mainly, but not exclusively, in
the universities, the media and the arts — has been talking as if the existence
of Israel represented the sole cause of conflict between Islamists and the West.

Such talk has two great attractions. On the one hand it appeals to those
who in any conflict between an "us" and a "them" tend to take the side of
"them." Israel is both a western-style democracy, profoundly liberal in its
laws, economy and institutions, and the chief ally of the United States in the
region. Representing Israel as the sole cause of the conflict offers a way of
exonerating "them."

By seeing the conflict as primarily "our" fault, the
fault becomes that of the West, the fault of America.

But the attraction
of blaming Israel does not end there. It offers, at the very moment when its
promoters feel themselves most burdened by the guilt of the West toward the
Other, a way of freeing them from that very guilt. They simply load it on to the
shoulders of a second Other — namely, the Jews.

The Jews, after all,
are the Other immemorially chosen for scapegoat status, if not by God then by
western culture. Equally they are an Other far less terrifying than the Other we
confront at the ruins of the Twin Towers. We need not worry that they will
respond to gratuitous defamation with riots or explosions in public places. They
never have and never will. But their main advantage is that by blaming them, we
regain the ability to believe in our own purity of heart and motive.

Citizens of decadent western nations we may be, but that does not mean
we need take any personal responsibility for the wicked ways of the West. That
responsibility rests solely with the Jews and with George W. Bush, their puppet
in the Oval Office.

Yes, I am being ironic. But in putting things this
way I only marginally parody a certain line of talk increasingly heard since
9/11. It is worrying when it comes from the extreme right. Coming, as it tends
to do at present, from large sections of the self-styled liberal elite it is
terrifying, not merely to Jews but to democrats and anti-fascists of all
religions and shades of opinion.

Plenty of Jews, and others, have
protested against the current climate of demonization not merely of Israel, but
also of the large majority of Jews and others who support Israel.

furious denial is the usual response to any suggestion that there is anything
anti-Semitic either about grotesquely hyperbolic defamation of Israel ("a Nazi
state," "the apartheid wall"), or about attacks on the "Israel lobby" that
patently revive and reanimate the hoary myth of Jewish conspiracy.

Denial is buttressed by the claim that these accusations of
anti-Semitism are themselves evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to silence critics
of Israel and close down debate on the Middle East. That charge, of course,
reanimates another traditional anti-Semitic theme — that of the Jew who whines
about his sufferings less because he is really injured than because he hopes to
draw some hidden advantage from complaining.

That, however, is beside
the point. The point, as ever in the diagnosis of prejudice, concerns not
disrespect but truth. How, in reality, could accusations of anti-Semitism hope
to stem the tide of defamation now running so strongly, let alone "close down

What factual basis, if any, supports accusations that Israel is
a "Nazi state" or that Israelis are planning — or executing — a Nazi-style
genocide against Palestinians?

Anti-Semitism, like any other form of
prejudice, cannot breathe the air of truth. It thrives on luridly colored
falsehood. That is where we need to begin the diagnosis for which President
Sarkozy has issued such a timely call.

(Bernard Harrison, emeritus
E.E. Ericksen Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, is the author
of "Israel, Anti-Semitism and Free Speech" published by the American Jewish
Committee. He also has taught philosophy at the University of Sussex.)

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